Episode 5 : Commit Partnership

By Lee Feinberg | Analytic Stories

Feb 06

It was exciting for me to work with Marie again ... she is a Tableau Foundation Data Fellow.  She was a student in my Visualization and Storytelling Workshop, which I delivered for Strive Together (read about that program here).  

Marie's organization has a strong focus on using data to drive action.  Her initial work was a good base from which we were able to transform quickly and emphasize the message on the gap between White to Hispanic and Black.  Marie, we all look forward to seeing the next generation of your story!

Make sure to also check out their work on Tableau Public 

Marie Appel

Commit Partnership, Manager of Statewide Analytic Initiatives

Start with the intention.  Before, we had been using Tableau to improve our PowerPoint charts.  With Lee, we started with why the data was important -- which is to bring attention to large disparities in educational achievement.  By focusing on how to best represent that disparity, we reimagined our visuals in ways to best convey that concept.

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