Episode 4 : Feeding America, LIVE from Tableau Conference 2018

By Lee Feinberg | Analytic Stories

Nov 28

Thank you again to the Tableau team who helped pull this off -- Amanda Monson, Sharina Pratt, Larissa Amoroso, Steve Schwartz.  Extra special courage karma points to Stephanie Zidek from Feeding America for braving the live broadcast.

Stephanie's work spans from HQ through the network of food banks across the US.  I've had the privilege of working with Steph in her role as a Tableau Data Fellow and have come to admire and appreciate how important Feeding America is to the well-being of our citizens.

We dug into several priorities she is dealing with, and if you have watched prior episodes, know I made her focus on the single most important issue.  You can't solve everything with one dashboard.

We were going strong through minute 19:00 and then had a technical glitch where my screen was not being broadcast.  While you can't see the changes we made to her dashboard, it's worthwhile listening to that part of the conversation.

Stephanie Zidek

Feeding America, Senior Analytics Manager

It kind of spurs that action almost immediately and doesn’t leave them wondering what to do with that information

Watch the recording below and make sure to register for the next session

The NEXT episode is not scheduled. we'll know soon!

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