Episode 3 : United Nations, World Food Programme

By Lee Feinberg | Analytic Stories

Sep 11

Thank you again to everyone who joined and participated, especially our guest Neil Mirochnick (stationed in Rome but hails from Boston USA).  Neil's charter to work with nations across the world is fascinating!  He is providing analysis to improve how nations fund programs to build a foundation of nutrition. Honorable work indeed!

Neil had several a-ha moments as we discussed what information would be strongest to drive his main points -- and he thought about completely new data to support his case and influence an audience of key decision makers.  Our community is making a difference.

Neil Mirochnick

Policy Consultant, Nutrition Advisory Office (OSN)

From the smallest details to the big picture Lee is in the elite when it comes to data visualization. In a short period of time, on his first glance, he immediately strengthened my work by helping me identify and showcase the most important messages from my presentation. Lee got me thinking about how I could tackle and overcome common challenges for a new Tableau user.

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